Paducah Used Car Dealer

Paducah Used Car Dealer

Rick's Auto Sales proudly serves the people of Paducah. You can find all types of used cars and trucks available for sale at both of our locations. One is specialized for cars and our second lot specializes in trucks.

A Little About Rick's Auto Sales

Rick's Auto Sales is a leading used car dealer serving the Paducah KY area as well as surrounding areas.  We specialize in all types of used cars, used trucks and SUV's.  We work hard to have a wide variety of inventory to satisfy the needs of everyone.


Used Trucks, Cars, SUV's Paducah

Stop by our dealer today to find all types of trucks including Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, Ram 1500, Ram 2500, Toyota Tacoma and me. Our cars range from Toyota Camry to Chevrolet Impala, Nissan Altima and more near Paducah KY.


Auto Financing and Loans Near Paducah KY

No matter what your credit rating is we can help you get into your next car without hassles. We work with all types of banks, finance companies, credit unions and more. Our expert staff will work around your budget and find you the best possible auto loan or financing deal for the car of your choice. Your credit score does not have to limit the car that you can get here at Rick's Auto Sales.
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About Paducah Kentucky

Paducah is located in McCracken County, Kentucky.  It is the largest city in the Jackson Purchase region had a population of 25,024 during the 2010 US Census.  Paducah was established in 1830 and incorporated in 1838 and it was named for the Comanche Indians. 

A Search for the Best Used Cars Paducah      
More and more people are realizing the practicality of purchasing used cars Paducah rather than getting brand new ones. If you are not yet convinced that you should buy a pre-loved vehicle over spending cold hard cash on a car straight out of the showroom, it is totally understandable.
Who wouldn’t want that fresh, new smell of leather or fabric and that feeling of tearing off the plastic from car seats? As you run your fingers through the steering wheel and hit on the gas pedal for the first time ever, oh, it is such a wonderful feeling! As soon as you drive that car on the road, though, its value decreases by the minute, hour and the mile. Soon enough, you’ve practically lost a few thousand dollars from the value of your car just because you drove it which is exactly its purpose anyway. With used cars Paducah though, you can get great value, high performance, and perfect condition vehicles with just the fraction of the price of a new car. More than that, you won’t see your vehicle’s value depreciating by the minute any further.
Yes, used cars Paducah might just further decrease in value through the years; however, you won’t see as much depreciation by driving one a couple of years as compared to driving a brand new vehicle for a couple of months. If you’re looking for a good investment with great value for your money, a used car would be a perfect choice. You won’t have to drown yourself in endless high monthly payments rather short and low monthly installments with these used cars. You can practically drive your very own Lexus SUV for the price of a brand new base model Toyota subcompact vehicle!
If you’re looking for used cars Paducah, you don’t have to search far and wide across the state of Kentucky. You can simply cross the Ohio River to Metropolis, IL for you to go car shopping at Rick’s Auto Sales. Better yet, you don’t even have to leave your home just to look for the perfect car. You can simply browse the very user-friendly website of Rick’s Auto Sales and be amazed with the wide range of used cars Paducah you can choose from. Choose according to brand, year released and model of the car you want or even by the budget you’re planning to purchase on.
Whether you’re looking for luxury used cars Paducah, an SUV for your family, trucks for your adventures or even for your business or even a simple sedan for your teen who recently passed his driver’s license test, then Rick’s Auto Sales is the dealership you definitely have to check out.